Friday, 7 September 2012

Death Walks Behind You: Have a good weekend!

Have a good weekend. The best way to end any encounter of a Friday night. But from a stranger who just bumped you up the back as you stopped by your front gate, all the more awesome. You commend yourself for sending the same salutation back as she rides off. The fault was shared, and not a bad word was exchanged. Facts were stated. You could not hear me, I was saying ring ring ring. You should have been covering your brakes. No harm done - it was a pavement and speeds were sensible. Had she had lights I would have seen. Had I not been rocking to Atomic Rooster's 'Death Walks Behind You' I would have heard.

"I was going, ring ring ring!"

Everything said with a smile, right up to the final exchange.

"Have a good weekend!"
"You too."

And I promise I will.