Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Here we go!

Today I intend to post a number of articles in a rough form, all recording happenings and/or journeys:

1) Bloodstock 2011 (twitfeed and brief narrative)
2) Critical Mass 31-10-11 (twitfeed and brief narrative)
3) Considering proposed 80mph speed limit change (short piece, up to 1000 words)
4) An encounter with a motorist (short piece, 1000 words max)
5) Positive encounters with motorists from a bike, September to October 2011 (short descriptions, 1000 words worth max)
6) Searching for Critical Mass 29-09-11 (twitfeed and brief article w narrative)

Of course I may not get time for all of that, but we'll see...

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