Monday, 19 March 2012

Follow A System

That's what I have decided to do with this blog. I am beginning right now. Here's how it works. I get up to 40 minutes each day in which I am allowed to type. Not 'write', type. As in get words onto the page. Don't look back. Don't delete unless the typo is terrible or not correcting that spelling mistake would just slow down my flow because it would niggle at me. I have 37 minutes left right now. 37 minutes more to write words down in sentences. Once those 40 minutes are up, I am allowed 20 minutes to edit. If I am done typing before the 40 minutes are up, so be it, but I cannot begin editing until 40 minutes after I put down that first word. I'll have to be careful about setting timers in such events and disciplined about sticking to them. In any case, exactly one hour from the time when I put the first word down, I must post my piece.

Twenty-four hours after any given post goes up I am free to edit it as much as I like in my free time, but each post must be typed in 40 minutes, edited in 20 (over a single hour) and left up for 24 hours unaltered for the reading pleasure of anyone who wishes to take a gander, including me. So for example, if I began today at 22:08, I'd finish typing at 22:48, begin editing and post at 23:08, and on March 20th, 2012 at 23:08 and anytime thereafter I can re-edit that post. I now have 34 minutes of typing time left and I'm off downstairs to play GTA San Andreas for a bit (though the above has now been edited and expanded since it was first written, and made into two paragraphs).

30 minutes left now. Just came back to set a timer for when I come to do my editing. Worth mentioning that we presently have a kind of 'game' going related to GTASA. When it's on, whether being played or left to deteriorate, only music within its timeframe can be spun. A spindle of CDs is presently piling up downstairs and some future post will consider some of the records that have been Banksy Mansion's soundtrack during his time in San Andreas, before the operation... The assumption is that the game begins January 1st 1992, for simplicity's sake. It is presently May 17th, 1994. Banksy is just getting to the end of his newly purchased copy of 'The Downward Spiral' and wondering where he left his Skinny Puppy records. 27 minutes of typing to go. Today he listened to 'Thresholds' by Nocturnus, 'Heartwork' by Carcass, an AC/DC bootleg and much more.

And here I am in the edit phase with 15 minutes left. I should have mentioned that I can keep spewing words in the edit phase, but obviously that leaves less time for polishing any post. Tomorrow I will do my first post related to the interview I conducted on February 1st with Alan Nemtheanga of Primordial. It was 30 minutes and I felt it could have been better - that I should have prepared better, and that my anxiety on the day didn't help it go smoothly, but what the hey. I hadn't found the time to spin the incredible 'Redemption at the Puritan's Hand' a dozen or more times in advance of the chat: all I knew was that the record was great from three to four background listens. But actually, I'm pleased with how I spent the half hour. Apart from talking about the incident at this year's Bloodstock, we talked about scenes and how they are helped to grow and a few other things of interest. I should also mention that I am allowed to transcribe interviews outside of my 40+20 time, and during that writing/editing hour I can of course trawl the internet or grab books off my shelves to look for references. I can prepare for these posting sessions all I want, but in and of themselves they are restricted to the rules above, and if you care to look at them in those first 24 hours, you will see them as they were posted, after 1 hour of work. I guess it's also worth adding that the subject is indeterminate. Though as Paul Schwarz many know me for writing about music, I might choose to write on any topic. Music, bikes, (comic)books (factual or fictional), films, gigs, current events, happenings and inspiring spaces are likely to be recurring themes, but there's no necessary limit to what might come up. We'll see how that goes. 7.5 minutes to go. One final edit and I'll post.

1:10 left so I guess I'll say goodbye and get this posted.

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